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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yes! to the party of "no!"

Thumbs up to the GOP for having the guts to be the party of "no" when "NO!" was the appropriate policy position! Though the left may spew their blather about the Reps being the party of "no" as in, having "no" ideas, the reality is that the public was rescued from the lunacy of the left-wing agenda -- a great idea in my book!

The Reps, you see, didn't really gamble with their image by becoming the party of "no." To the contrary, they understood that the public would never support the left's agenda IF they understood it! The Reps simply revealed the agenda and invited the public to the debate -- even if the Reps were locked out of it. What a great strategy! The Dems (other than the wing-nuts) would never have the courage to shut out the public when it became apparent that too many of us wanted in!

So again, thumbs up to the right for doing what was right and saying yes to "no!"